I have an urge.

A terrible urge. The kind that needs to be quenched as quick as possible, but you know that ain't happening. And the fact that my usual mixture of folk (MUSIC, THAT IS. and you know, i'm a believer! And it's currently Van Morrison. T.B. Sheets. DELICIOUS) and being wrapped around in a ridiculously over-sized blanket while wasting time on my computer, idling reading cooking blogs just isn't working for me.. That has got to say something. It usually works wonders, especially with the right people making my msn boxes blink. What can I say? Most of the time I am extremely easy to please.
But today is not the case.
Today, and it has been for the past week, one of those days when I just feel the need to attack the kitchen and bake my little heart out. I baked brownies just late last week. BUT IT DIDN'T HELP. I feel the need to bake more and more! And I know, because unfortunately for me I was born into a family of people with the taste for savory treats instead of the teeth busting treats I like to deliver, they won't be consumed! And it saddens me. Therefore, I might just have to wait for a chance to bake for someone. ANYONE. I CATER TO YOUR NEEDS. YOU NEED SOME BAKED LOVING? I'm here for you!
And I feel like I might have to make my way over to the real hardcore genre. Cakes. Lots and lots of cakes.
I'm a real rebel. I can't help it. So.. Any takers?
Watch this space ;D

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