Late Fixation "Friday" (Sunday)

While I continue to attempt to boost Taija's blog-posting confidence, I have a few late fixations for this week.

First: We heart it. Which is the same concept as FFFFOUND! except that it's not elitist.
There is mine, if you have interest in viewing it.
Now I have a place to collect all mei favorite pick-turrs.
I also like how you can break up the title into we heart it.com or we hear tit.com
Good versatility! :D

And then I've been listening to Passion Pit's album "Manners" a ton this week.

And also visiting http://www.weburbanist.com a lot. Which is so great, I'm gonna add it to our sidebar.
There are cool pictures of contortion performance art on there. Love it.

Which leads me to another obsession: I have now made it my life's goal to visit Okdo, South Korea before I graduate so that I can go and take pictures and explore Okdo Land Park, an abandoned amusement park. I'll have to find a friend willing to help me in my quest!




My obsessions for this week:

Another fixation: Crystal Cat by Dan Deacon but I already posted that one this week.

I love films this week, apparently.


taija hasnt posted anything yet because she's stupid.

Title says it all.
I should be doing theatre homework again.
I have to do a journal entry about Dog Sees God. Great play. But anyways.

I have something to post about nao. NAO LISTEN HERE. I will tell you how to bleach tie-dye jeans, as it was my weekend activity recently.
You might want to experiment with different scraps of fabric and methods before you go on to bleaching the all-important article of clothing that you wish to alter and eventually wear.
Also I dont recommend black jeans. That's what I used and they look kinda cow-like so I have to lighten them up more still. Will do a post about that to see how it gooooes.
But anyways:


You need to put rubber bands ALL OVER your jeans. Find different ways to scrunch them and twist them and then completley engulf them in rubber bands. The rubber bands should be tight and hold really well. A few should break. In the end, you should have a solid mass of denim that looks like it's growing tumors. It will look like some sort of root. Like ginseng.

So that's what it should look like. OKEI???

Naaao you need to take your ginseng jeans and dunk them in a small bucket of straght bleach. You won't need TOO much. Just pour a little in and then add more as needed. Let them sit for like 10 minutes and when you come back the color will have drastically changed. Again, add more bleach as needed.
Once you're happy with what you've got, undo the rubber bands and unfold the jeans! If you've scrunched them right, you can get some really cool effects.

Okay. Okay. Okay. Rinse out your jeans in the sink and then put them in the laundry. WASHWASHWASH. Then dry them. DRYDRYDRY. Then they're awesome.


Again, if they end up looking too cow-like, you should mix a tiny bit of bleach and a LOT of water and just dunk the jeans in and let them lighten up a bit. Rinse and repeat. (Haha, haha, it works nao it works!)


Oh and a side note: I recently discovered Dan Deacon and I can't stop listening to Crystal Cat. Fuck.



Greetings to nobody in particularrr ;O I just spent an hour making this layout. Hm. I like it, it is exciting and ridiculous and blinding and hard to read. Hopefully Taija will feel the same.

Today I bleach-tie-dyed a pair of black jeans.
I recorded it by way of photo.
I may do a post about it at a later date.
For now, I have theatre homework to devour.

This man has a few fashion tips for you.