I am back once more, to fill the undeniably small void (tiny would be putting it more eloquently, not to say she's not a good blogger, oh no. But she's about as big as a twig ;D) that Leila has left when she is the one trying hard to ignore this blog of ours. OURS BEING THE KEY TERM.
But alas, since the team effort is slowly draining away, due to current lack of team building exercises. Where this collective team spirit (or rather pair spirit.. couple spirit? oh no no, sounds too much like a relationship. No offence meant to my other bloghalf.) Not that we ever really did have team building exercises unless, of course, you go back several years to the freshman retreat.. to the blackbox. But she didn't really talk to me then ;D I was far too creepy for her to even think about coming near me and my rather yellow ensemble. But alas, I getting far too into this need of mine to revel in nostalgia.. So much, in fact, that I have lost my point. But that's all fine and dandy. :D
Moving swiftly on, I am in deep need to rant about things. Not sure what these things are, but at this current moment I am angrily listening to folk. At it's finest, I may add. Leonard Cohen! The early years, that is. Not when he decided that no, he doesn't actually need to sing the lyrical masterpieces that are his songs, that pluck at your heart strings oh so efficiently, and that he'll just sort of mutter his way through. Although this did make way for some excellent covers.. Cue Jeff Buckley, Antony & the Johnsons and co. My point being, I hate people who ruin stuff for themselves. Not that I'm one to say at this current moment, when i'm wallowing in my own anger. BUT SURELY I HAVE REASONS. BUT WHEN YOU'RE AN AMAZING SINGER YOU DO NOT MUTTER YOUR WAY THROUGH ONE OF THE BEST WRITTEN SONGS ON EARTH. just no. AND THE 80'S STYLE CHOIR IN THE BACKGROUND WON'T SAVE YOU EITHER, SONNY.

THERE WAS THIS NO NEED FOR THIS. WHY COULDN'T HE DO IT IN THE STYLE OF SO LONG, MARIANNE? would have been the greatest song of all time.

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