When I haven't been obsessively listening to the Where The Wild Things Are OST by Karen and the Kid (Which, btw, is just deliciously whimsical. AND ALTOGETHER FABULOUS.. VIDEO AFTER THE JUMP! my god, have I always wanted to say that..) I have been checking out opening ceremony. AND WONDERING IF SOME RICH FAIRY GODMOTHER WILL COME TO ME AND BUY ME THAT FUCKING FURRY JUMPSUIT. I KNOW, IT'S OLD NEWS. BUT I NEEDED TO GET MY FURRY JUMPSUIT NEEDS OFF MY CHEST, MMKAY? DON'T JUDGE ME. And just feast your eyes on this, babies;

I mean yes. It's sold out.
Yes. It's 610 dollars.
but don't you just want to hold it?
ogle it more (AND DIFFERENT ANGLES, AND SUCH) here

and hurrrrrrr is the video:
and if you're wondering, yes. THE WHOLE SOUNDTRACK IS THAT CUTE.

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