it's official

It's been too long.
I feel like we were on a break, or somethang.
But not the the VERBUNG sort of commerical break, oh no.
The Ross "WE WERE ON A BREAAAAKKK" kind of break. And that kind of break, my dears, is not as good. As Tiger Woods' image is deteriorating in front of our eyes, and the little chocolate "CHRISTMAS SURPRISES JUST FOR YOU" are at a total 9 less than they were since I last blogged, I felt it was time.
Time for what is the question at this moment.
But the fact is, I am trying to avoid the inevitable happening of finishing my oven-shaped English poster, and the best way is of course through nonsensical rambling online.

But to avoid further questioning, and possibly to avert your eyes elsewhere before I namedrop any more famous adulterers, here's a pretty picture for y'all.

Life's amazing sometimes.

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