MY DARLING SPANISH GALLEONS. THE SPANISH KIND. NOT THE ONE SOLD IN NEOPETS. If you like to call the exchanging of pixels selling.. But whatever floats your boat, I suppose. And yes, I did pick boat out of all the other things you can float, or tickle.. Or put in a cup even. Since that is how I roll. Possibly literally. But I am not about to post a picture of me rolling. I feel a video would be far more sufficient, a stop-motion even if I felt like being hipster. But I feel like I should leave that to my blogging counterpart. Can't steal her thunder, since it is hard to give back, I feel. And I really am not in the mood to recreate such sounds. I am in a rather sluggish state of complete bleakness. Completely uncreative in every way, therefore.. Well, I'm sure you can figure it out without me droning on.
But I feel like I should move swiftly to the point, for my words seem to be dragging on and really not getting the point across. The point is, I never went through with what I said I would last time. Not that my dear Leims really posted anything, so am I really the one to blame? Maybe I did not feel like causing such trauma by overflowing this blog with my harsh letters. The cold curves of my small font like tiny daggers protruding out of all computer screens that have been forced to show such an inhumane blog. MAYBE IN THE HARD EXTERIOR THAT I GIVE OFF (completely metaphorical, of course. My appearance is in no shape or form hard. Even my hair is soft after the thoroughest treatments of hairspray, the hard chemicals squirted on my finding it hard to penetrate the silk helmet of my long locks. And even under all the layers of skin and blubber, there are my bones. And frankly, even bone marrow is described as spongy. It's not like the showering nation scrub themselves all over with rocks and soap.) I REALLY JUST WANT YOU ALL TO BE HAPPY.. Yeah, think about that.
Here's some Wham! You're welcome (:

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