Late Fixation "Friday" (Sunday)

While I continue to attempt to boost Taija's blog-posting confidence, I have a few late fixations for this week.

First: We heart it. Which is the same concept as FFFFOUND! except that it's not elitist.
There is mine, if you have interest in viewing it.
Now I have a place to collect all mei favorite pick-turrs.
I also like how you can break up the title into we heart it.com or we hear tit.com
Good versatility! :D

And then I've been listening to Passion Pit's album "Manners" a ton this week.

And also visiting http://www.weburbanist.com a lot. Which is so great, I'm gonna add it to our sidebar.
There are cool pictures of contortion performance art on there. Love it.

Which leads me to another obsession: I have now made it my life's goal to visit Okdo, South Korea before I graduate so that I can go and take pictures and explore Okdo Land Park, an abandoned amusement park. I'll have to find a friend willing to help me in my quest!


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